Compatible with Respironics End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide(ETCO2) Sensor

Part Number: PUEC02-003SP




1. Plug&Play: The host only needs a standard Remo socket and internal serial port without interior space and circuit.
2. High Accuracy: Temperature and pressure compensation, and a full range of factory calibration ensures the accurate measurement within 0-20% of the range.
3. No routine user calibration is required. Very few zeroes are required.
4. The extremely long life and very low noise: Multi-dimensional and redundant design for gas path, hardware, and software ensure the long-term stability of the module, it does not need to calibrate within its lifespan.
5. Low power consumption, suitable for battery use.
6. Automatic pressure compensation: Within a very wide pressure range of 400-960mmhg, it maintains measurement accuracy by onboard barometric sensors.
7. The patented filter can continuously work for a long time and be used repeatedly, reducing costumer's usage cost.
8. The dedicated fi-lock inlet port can intellectively identify and indicate the status of the filter's plug-in and respiration

OEM reference:

Respironics: 1022054


Bionet: BM3/BM5
Biolight: M series
Biocare: PM-2000/lm12/iM15
Comen: C70/C90/C30
Contec: CMS8000/CMS7000/CMS6000B/CMS6000
Edan: Elite V8/M80/M50
General Meditech: G3C/G3D/G3G/G3H/G3L

Sensor Connector: 8-pin, 2 notches, 80°

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