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Pluscare Fingertip Pulse Oximeter: Accurate Readings at Your Fingertips

Product Features???

1, Can be applied to various scenarios such as outdoors using in winter, available for high altitude areas, patients with poor blood circulation;

2, Patented motion tolerance algorithm combined with excellent physiological signal identification, showing results within 4 seconds;

3, Have the same measurement performance for humans with different kinds of skin color;

4, Support respiration rate measurement;

5, High-definition display made by OLED organic light-emitting diode with Switchable screen size and font orientation;

6, Intelligent probe off identification, power off after 8 seconds automatically without fingertip inserted in Intelligent low-power ICs, continuous monitoring > 24 hours;

7, Light-blocking shape, suitable for particular environments with no light or strong lights. Insensitive to the impact of ambient lights;

8, The oximeter can be connected via Bluetooth, tracking the variation of blood oxygen at every moment;



Mode ??


Display type??


Spo2 accuracy

70-100%, ??2%

Pulse rate accuracy??

25-250BPM, ??2% or -s-2BPM

Low perfusion performance??

0.1% 70-100% ??2%

Motion tolerance performance??

motion with 1-5Hz and 0-3cm amplitude??

Typical power consumption??




Net Weight

31g (without batteries)

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