Compatible with Respironics End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide(ETCO2) Sensor

Part Number: PUMCO2-003S




1. Plug&Play: The host only needs a standard Remo socket and internal serial port without interior space and circuit.
2. High Accuracy: Meticulously chosen narrow-band optical filter, infrared source, and delicately designed hardware electrical circuit and software algorithm ensure to realize high SNR (signal to noise ratio) gas concentration measurement and ensure the measurement accuracy in the range of 5-50?? C of temperature and within 0-20% of concentration.
3. Low power consumption, suitable for battery use.
4. Automatic pressure compensation: Within a very wide pressure range of 400-960mmhg, it maintains measurement accuracy by the onboard barometric sensor.
5. Interference gas compensation. By receiving the parameters of input interference gas from the host, it can automatically fulfill compensation calculations to ensure measurement accuracy under any conditions.
6. Immediately activate, and power on in ten seconds, to get accurate data.
7. Adult/pediatric, or neonate airway adapters can continuously work for a long time and be used repeatedly, reducing the customer's usage costs.

OEM reference:

Respironics: 1015928


Bionet: BM3/BM5
Biolight: M series
Biocare: PM-2000/lm12/iM15
Comen: C70/C90/C30
Contec: CMS8000/CMS7000/CMS6000B/CMS6000
Edan: Elite V8/M80/M50
General Meditech: G3C/G3D/G3G/G3H/G3L

Sensor Connector:??8-pin, 2 notches, 80??

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